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Cataract surgery discounts
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Cataract Surgery Cost In Jalandhar

Cataract Eye Surgery Cost in Jalandhar

The human eye has a natural lens generally termed as a crystalline lens.
Cataract is a vision defect in which the symptom is a strong glare from light sources in the morning and poor vision at night. It reduces vision as there is the cloudiness of the lens as transparency of the natural lens of the eye decreases. Age is not the criteria for getting cataract, it can be seen in babies, young people, and in old age. Cataract surgery is outpatient and it is the safest intervention in medical history.

Common types of cataracts:

Cortical: in this the patient vision keeps on decreasing slowly, but can be corrected with glasses to some of full extent.

Nuclear: in this the lens central part keeps on getting harder, and the patient vision deteriorates and in some cases the patients near vision improves. These patients who had been using near
vision glasses suddenly feel there vision has improved for near
after cataract. But the distant vision deteriorates.

Posterior polar and posterior subcapsular cataract: early signs of this cataract are glare, which is more in presence of bright lights and in sunlight. Vision starts deteriorating later.

Cataract surgery cost in Jalandhar
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What influences the price of cataract Eye surgery in Jalandhar?

  • Infrastructure and Technology: A hospital offering all the latest equipment may charge a little more than other clinics. With the rise in technology, infrastructure modular operation theatre, safety profile also increases.
  • Experience of surgeon: one thing is for sure, all other parameters kept aside, surgeon skill experience and knowledge is important. Surgeon fee can vary from one surgeon to the other.
  • Location: Depending upon the city where the Hospital is based, the amount of cataract surgery may differ.
  • Types of Procedure: Certain minimally invasive, non-standard procedures can make a difference in the price.
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Below are the Different types of Cataract Eye treatments with their Cost in Jalandhar.

Extra capsular Cataract Surgery:

With the help of anesthesia, the eye area is numbed and incision is made large about 8-10 mm on the side of the cornea, the natural cloudy lens is removed in toto. Then artificial lens is inserted as a replacement, which helps in clear vision. Sutures are made to close the incision. The stitches need to be removed later on. This surgery is not so commonly
done. Since no machines are required so the cost of surgery is low. Its costs vary from Rs.5,000-12,000 depending on the implant being used.


This surgery is somewhat similar to extracapsular surgery excspt that in this a self sealing incision is made and sutures are not put, it is safer then extracapsular surgery. Recovery is faster. Cost can vary from 6000-25000 depending upon the lens being used.

Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery:

This can be done without giving any injection in the eye (in some patients injection might be required). Less than 4mm incisions are made in the side of the cornea. Cataract is broken into small pieces before removal with the help of ultrasound and sucked out through a tube. An artificial lens, generally made of pmma, silicone or acrylic compounds is inserted in the place of the natural lens, which has been removed. Since there is no healing involved visual recovery is fast. With this technology wide array of lenses are available. Patent can resume his/her work by the next day. Cost of surgery can vary depending upon the type of lens and infrastructure and care. It can varey from 10,000 to 80,000.

MICS (Micro Incision Surgery):

an advancement in phacoemulsification making the surgery more safe and precise, a sub 2 mm incision cataract surgery is done and the iol placed are also MICS compatible. Cost can vary from 30,000- 45,000

Bladeless Cataract Surgery:

As the name suggests, there is no blade used to make incision, although the incision is made with computer-guided femtosecond laser. Still phacoemulsification has to be done though the energy used can be reduced. Lens and rest everything remains the same. It take more time for the surgery as the patient has to get cuts made and then shifted for phacoemulsification, The cost is almost three to four times compared to the conventional surgery and costs nearly Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 depending on where the surgery is performed.