Pal Hospital Eyetec Clinics & The Children Centre is one of the oldest hospital in city. Dr Dharam pal founded this hospital in 1958. Hospital is covering three major domains A. Piles, B. Eyetec Clinics, C. Children Center.
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Oculoplasty is the art and science of plastic surgery around the eye. The eyeball is a delicate structure, protected from harm by eyelids in front and the bony cup (socket) behind. Behind the eyeball run the nerves , arteries and muscles, which carry messages to the brain, move the eyeball, and provide nutrition to the eye. Oculoplasty deals with all these structures surrounding the eyeball.


Ptosis – Ptosis is drooping of the upper lid. It may be present by birth, or appear later in life. Ptosis is usually corrected by surgery.

Entropion – Entropion is in-turning of the eyelid. The eyelashes rub on the eye and cause pain and watering; treatment is by surgery

Ectropion – Ectropion is turning outwards of the eyelid margin, causing redness and watering (Link to gallery)Lagophthalmos- where the patient cannot close his eye; this can cause danger to the eye, pain, and infection.

Eyelid tumors

Lid tearrepairs with grafts and flaps

Ptosis Treatment at Pal Hospital Eyetec Clinics & The Children Centre

Enucleation/ evisceration – A highly damaged eye may be replacedwith an orbital implant; this restores the comfort and appearance.

Socket reconstruction – where the eye has been removed for a serious disease, the socket of the eye may get shrunken. The socket is reconstructed to improve comfort and appearance

Customised prosthesis

Lacrimal (eye watering) DCR, probing, intubations.

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Blepharoplasty – Correction of eyelid bags

Scar modification


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